Reflexión entre la lucha… perspectiva desde adentro. Poesía de los de abajo. Mi parte favorita: “We barely live where you vacation.” Preach it Essah.

Essah’s Way

People get excited

when I say I live in

Puerto Rico.

Assuming my life is

an easy paradise of

rum and beaches

Salsa music and beautiful people.

People who make

struggle look easy,

Love easy

Rs become Ls


It’s easy invading thoughts

of reality

how capitalism caused

tourism to seem easy

but our lives are

far from easy.

We barely live

where you vacation.

It’s easy to be blinded by

buildings that break

families easy.

Pay less

Work hard

but want to privatize

beaches easy.

Close 184 public schools easy.

Give them a passport

silence their votes easy.

Demand the debt,

poison their water

turn dreams into

nightmares easy.

It’s easy to be colorblind

colonized and creolized.

Easy to forget

to numb, fuck,

and to drink easy.

It’s easy to die

but we want to live.

We want freedom


We want an audit


We want equality


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